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Hampton Bay Sunbrella Fabrics


Quality Sunbrella Outdoor Patio Furniture Replacement Cushion Fabric

Sunbrella fabrics are the absolute top of the line patio furniture fabrics, they’re made of 100% solution dyed-acrylic, which means the fibers are saturated with color and UV-resistant pigments before being spun into fabric rolls, making them fade resistant in complete sun year round, year after year (Sunbrella fabrics carry a 5 year warranty). The yarn in Sunbrella fabrics is dyed completely through the fibers, meaning the pigment goes all all the way through each strand and the color stays vibrant year after year because there is no “top layer” to fade like you may be experiencing from other brands. Sunbrella outdoor fabric closes the gap with fabric soft enough to feel like your indoor furniture but strong enough to spray directly with bleach for the harshest of stains, buy Sunbrella and rest assured you’re cushions will outlast your furniture!
We make Sunbrella Replacement cushions for all Home Depot Hampton Bay Patio Furniture

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Sunbrella Fabrics (2024 Collection)

Here at Hampton Bay Replacement Cushions, also known at the Quality Replacement Cushion Factory, we carry many Sunbrella Fabrics. If you made it to this site I am guessing you are replacing faded or damaged Outdoor Patio cushions for your Hampton Bay Patio Set. If you are looking for a fade resistant fabric, Sumbrella is as close as you are going to come, with color and strength quality rating of 10 years! Unlike other surfaces coated or sprayed fabrics, Sunbrella Fabrics are 100% sun dried acrylic, meaning the color at the center of the fabric is just as rich as the outside layer, leaving you with just as rich of a color years down the road!